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Friendship Dynamics

Arnav Kalra  - CollectLo

Arnav Kalra

Content Writer

2 min read . Mar 17


Friends are the family that we choose for ourselves. We are all born into families and are related to them as a matter of descent, but, there's certain relations that we maintain and take hold of in our life. Such is the bond of friendship. For most of us it is natural to start them via social interactions but not all those lead into lasting and meaningful relationships. Such is the nature of this bond, it is decisive yet feels genuine. 

These people that we meet are the ones that share our experiences and shape our perspectives. Amidst the hustle of modern life, one needs these "stress-busters" to maintain balance. A natural gut feeling towards a certain friendship is solely not enough to form a long-term friendship but this provides an initial thrust towards one. What one really requires is the fulfilment of a checklist or a "vibe-check" that incorporates trust and support towards building a friendship.

Sometimes we really feel a genuine connection with people that we end up loosing and we mourn for that lost relation. Most of the people we meet won't stay on for long, and they shouldn't. Some people enter in our lives for certain reasons and for specific amounts of time, and as we grow we loose some people. This is an active process that works in life. Life's like a rocket ship, and we go above and beyond, certain people will fall off just as a rocket looses its layers, because some people just aren't meant to go to altitudes that you are destined to. These people aren't wicked and it's not immoral to pursue a relation that has an end date, but to remember their role and keep joy in the time one spends with them.

The way it's been seen is that only a countable number of friends will remain in your life till the end. That's not to say that the ones we end up losing are unfair on their part, but, the very function of life is that it encounters change. The humblest thing to do is to be grateful for the moments you share with them and work towards moving ahead in life, because with the sorrow of losing people there's come the excitement of finding new souls. So, make genuine connections and be open to newer experiences because life keeps on moving so should we.