Ink and Pixels : The Power of Paper - by Arnav Kalra  - CollectLo

Ink and Pixels : The Power of Paper

Arnav Kalra  - CollectLo

Arnav Kalra

Content Writer

2 min read . Mar 17


A phone screen is the first thing that a person views upon waking. The advent of modern-age devices has added a much-needed simplicity to human life. It's crazy to think that there used to exist life without these technical services. Not only have humans been using them for simplifying tasks but have actually been dependent vastly upon technology. The newly-born population has been ingrained with the idea of digitization since its early days and has been habitually performing all tasks with the aid of devices. This dependence on screens such as computers, laptops, tablets, etc. has replaced the previously validated usage of pen and paper which stood for long. They have been able to reduce the amount of wastage and exploitation of natural resources utilized in paper and ink production. It's been an enormous revolution in terms of sustainability and other advantages offered by them such as editability, storing, accessibility, portability, search organization, etc. 

Screens are definitely a way forward offering many such advantages over conventional pen-paper mechanism, but, there are certain benefits and points of contrast associated with pen-paper that seem essential to be addressed. 

Writing on paper offers a tactile experience, providing a more immersive engagement with the writing surface. It requires certain movements to write that rejuvenate hand-eye coordination of the mind and more of an experiential form of learning, which are lacking by tapping on a keyboard. Studies suggest writing by hand enhances memory retention and cognitive processing compared to typing. Paper-based reading and writing tend to be less prone to distractions compared to digital screens, which can be interrupted by notifications, emails, and other digital stimuli. There's a certain freedom that comes with pen and paper, the ability to sketch or draw alongside notes  can sparks creativity and facilitates brainstorming and idea generation. Additionally, looking at screens continuously while reading can strain and cause redness to the readers' eyes. 

Pen and paper have lost their essence in the bulk digitization of the generation, but for certain individuals it offers certain advantages that the pixelated screens cannot. Paper still holds value for these people looking to utilize those benefits.