5 Powerful Benefits Of Studying MBA In Australia
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5 Powerful Benefits Of Studying MBA In Australia

Anurag Gade - CollectLo

Anurag Gade

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3 min read . May 01 2023


When opting for a degree in management, one needs to carefully weigh their options. This is because pursuing an MBA domestically or internationally is a big investment. The investment increases significantly when you opt for an internationally recognised qualification overseas.

Each year, thousands of management students choose Australia as their preferred location to pursue the Master Of Business Administration (MBA). The period post-pandemic has seen a further evolving trend comprising 30% of the global workforce relocating to the land down under in search of a career change, seeking something rewarding, and gathering new skills that will only fast-track their career.

To fulfil these dreams, many believe that pursuing an MBA in Australia could be the one move to change their dreams into a reality. Adapting to the growing demand, thousands of universities across Australia have started running MBA courses at full stretch.

While 40 business schools in Australia offer multiple specialisations, knowing what makes Australia a trusted location for an MBA is key. Before moving on to making a decision, understanding the benefits Australia’s MBA landscape has to offer is vital to everyone going forward.

So, what makes Australia the go-to for every management student? This article will guide you through just that

5 Reasons Why You Should Pursue An MBA In Australia

The onset of the pandemic brought a massive shift in Australia’s MBA landscape by bringing more and more students onshore each year in their pursuit of a management degree. An MBA marks a key step in your career progression.

It grooms you professionally by adding value and potential by adding the best practical and theoretical insights required to work in both small and large business environments. But apart from adding value and injecting potential, what more reasons make Australia one of the best locations for pursuing an MBA?

Let’s find out:

1 Credibility

Whether you are pursuing an MBA from a deemed university in your home country or travelling overseas for the same, credibility is one of the key factors to watch out for. Studying in Australia guarantees you an internationally recognised qualification that brings along much-needed credibility.

Gaining an internationally recognised qualification from Australia acts as proof of credibility that not only justifies your education but also your skills, both of which are incredibly important in succeeding in a corporate work environment.

Pursuing an MBA subjects you to a pool of opportunities in the future while the credibility associated with an MBA only helps you explore your hidden talents and push them to the limit.

Australian MBAs are recognised worldwide which means an MBA in Australia has the potential to land you a decent job anywhere in the world right from multinational companies to consulting firms.

2. Networking Opportunities

While an MBA opens a new door filled with opportunities, it also gives you a platform to interact with like-minded individuals, new people, and experienced faculty and alumni who will provide you with valuable insights and guide you when on the truck.

This will help build your professional network comprising business-driven professionals who will help create future job opportunities that align with your skills and qualifications.

This vital networking element will only strengthen your professional network in the process. The stronger your professional circle is, the more are the more chances of your gaining fresh perspectives and better insights with each interaction.

Australia is a land rich in diversity. An MBA is your chance to interact with this diverse culture which will only serve as a key exposure for every future business leader.

3. Career Options

Considered a business ecosystem, Australia is home to several big-time MNCs that are headquartered down under. Pursuing an MBA in Australia not only gives you credibility but also opens you to Australia’s vivid job market.

While MBA equips you with the soft skills and practicalities required to deal in a business environment, the Australian job market is the perfect platform for you to explore new career opportunities by utilising those skills.

Several MBA courses offer a built-in industry program that allows you to enrol in internships and engage in projects on the go. Furthermore, there are also options present that allow an MBA student to undertake projects that put them directly on an investor’s radar.

4. Competitive Advantage

While the Australian job market is vast, it is equally dynamic. As a result, you need to be on top of the latest skills and adapt to what the modern workplace needs. In addition to workplace needs, the onset of new technology also brings about changes in the workplace.

A survey conducted by the GMAC Corporate Recruiters in 2021 identified that the majority of the recruiters hire recent MBA graduates based on the different leadership skills they’ve achieved during their MBA.

Pursuing an MBA in Australia not only equips you with the best leadership skills but also gives you a competitive advantage, a highlight that comes greatly in hand when working in a business ecosystem.

5. Earn And Learn

Enrolling on an MBA overseas is a heavy investment. As a result, the majority of students have to rely on student loans to support their studies and other expenses throughout the process. Thanks to Australia’s flexible education system, you can now work part-time for a fixed number of hours every week to support your expenses.

While this eases the financial pressure off students, it also helps them gain working knowledge and practical experience in the workplace. As an academic student, you can work up to 40 hours part-time per week during your academic and full-time during vacations.

The Bottom Line

If you are planning to pursue your MBA in Australia, then we firmly believe that you are making the right choice. Moreover, the 5 benefits we have discussed will help you shortlist and get yourself into the best B-school in the land down under.

To top that off, life as a student in Australia is a lifetime experience that will have a deep, thorough, and latent impact on grooming you personally and professionally.