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Planning A Master’s Degree In Australia? Here Are Australia’s Top 5 Graduate Programs To Consider In 2023

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Anurag Gade

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8 min read . Jun 15 2023


At a particular stage in our life, we all consider moving overseas to pursue higher education. Whether it is the United States or the European Subcontinent, we scour the globe for a decent education. While the US and Europe have numerous institutes offering you a state-of-the-art master’s program, recent statistics show a substantial increase in students choosing Australia as their graduate destination.

When we plow through India’s cricketing rivalry with Australia and the country’s scenic beauty, we find that Australia is one of the major educational hubs of the 21st century. Education is the driving hub for the majority of the business in Australia.

If you got a Master’s on your mind and looking for places that have the most prestigious graduate programs, then we strongly advise you to keep Australia in the fray. Not only does Australia have the best programs on offer, but it backs it by providing you with a diverse environment, both in school and the workplace.

And if you have shortlisted Australia as your graduate destination, we bring you the finest degrees that are the hot choice heading into 2023.

5 Hot Graduate Programs In Australia To Consider In 2023

When selecting a master’s degree, having options is key. This allows you to better align your current level of education with your future career prospects. However, having a plethora of options can get overwhelming. Choosing one out of 20 options is never easy. But selecting one from the top 5 degrees is easy.

Therefore, we have lined up the top 5 graduate degrees Australia offers in 2023.

1. Master Of Media And Communication

I’m certain that most of you would be scratching your heads after reading this. As someone pursuing his master’s degree in the same domain, I assure you that Australia is the best place if you plan on becoming a media professional. Social media storytelling is the thing of the century. But a social-media story backed by data-driven journalism is the need of the hour.

Whether you are a seasoned media professional looking to gain new skills and penetrate the Australian media market or someone aspiring to become a professional, then Australia has a hand-crafted program in the field of media and communication that awaits you.

Right from digital production to devising community engagement strategies, a master’s degree in media and communications arms you with the knowledge and skills required to excel in any contemporary media and communications environment worldwide.

A Master’s degree in the field of media and communications opens you to the following career outcomes.

  • Art/Creative Director
  • Advertising Manager
  • Content And Media Specialist
  • Public Relations Officer (PRO)
  • Screenwriter
  • Social Media And Digital Marketing Specialist
  • Media Policy Developer
  • Media Attache
  • Digital Producer And Distributor

2. Master’s Of Computer Science

The IT sector has been booming globally, and Australia is no exemption. And with rapid progress in technology, companies and corporate conglomerates across the globe are looking for skilled computer science graduates to shape the business field.

Driven by lead-technological innovation, the Master Of Computer Science provides a thorough graduate degree backed by foundational learning. Pursuing a Master’s degree in Computer Science empowers and establishes you as a specialised professional in a key industry area.

You gain a thorough knowledge and understanding of how technology works in your field and should be used in your area of expertise. An Australian industry-ready program has an enhanced curriculum that allows you to work in software engineering, cybersecurity, AI, etc.

Here are all the career outcomes associated with a Master Of Computer Science

  • IT Technician
  • Data Scientist
  • Business Analyst
  • IT Project Manager
  • IT Support Engineer

3. Master Of Business Administration (MBA)

The MBA is one of Australia’s highly regarded and globally recognised programs. Australia has a future-focused MBA program that will train, equip, and prepare you to meet all the market demands. A program that caters to multiple business disciplines, an Australian MBA entitles you to learn from the best of the best.

You develop all the skills defining an effective manager while simultaneously inculcating qualities and abilities that deem you a future leader. Strong leadership is the need of the hour, and all industries across the globe are in search of future leaders that can steer their projects to successful outcomes.

As the business environment becomes agile by the minute, the market becomes more dynamic and demanding of those capable of delivering. This is where an MBA from Australia will train and establish you as an effective leader by exposing you to all the skills required to executive any management position in your chosen discipline.

Those with an MBA are among the most sought and well-paid professionals globally. MBA graduates have the luxury of being employed in a wide and large range of industries, such as

  • Manufacturing
  • Media And Communications
  • Health Care
  • Social Assistance
  • Professional Services
  • Technical Services
  • Scientific Research.
  • Human Resource

Still, Reconsidering Your Decision To Opt For An MBA? Maybe this will change your mind:

5 Powerful Benefits Of Studying MBA In Australia 2023

4. Master Of Public Health

If you are someone who already holds a prior degree in the field of science and medicine and are looking to use your skills for the good of the people and make a positive impact on the community you serve, then the Australian Master’s of Public Health course makes up for an excellent choice.

A master’s degree in Public Health from an Australian university trains and equips you with the skills and knowledge required to pursue a career in public health and excel in the field.

Furthermore, your chosen specialisation allows you to impart your expertise towards tackling some of the most common yet highly pressing challenges in front of the Australian public health sector.

Studying public health covers a wide range of essential topics allowing you to choose your specialisation based on your area of interest and expertise.

Whether you wish you pursue management and health care research, epidemiology, or help in humanitarian assistance, the Master Of Public Program has hand-crafted specialisations waiting for you.

Pursuing a master’s in public health entitles you to the following career outcomes.

  • Health And Welfare Service Manager
  • Occupational Health Professional
  • Environmental Health Profesional
  • Indigenous Health Care Workers
  • Epidemiologist
  • Senior Research Assistnat
  • Health Economist
  • Public Health Policy Officer
  • Capacity Building Officer
  • Public Health Consultant
  • Ethics And Awareness Officer

And as a token of appreciation from the Australian Government, pursuing a graduate program or working in public health entitles you to a quick permanent residence (PR).

The Australian Government holds public health workers in the highest regard for serving the community, allowing them to get residence in as little time as possible to continue serving the community for good.

5. Masters Of Engineering

If you take a deep interest in collaboration with some of the brightest minds in the industry and contribute towards tackling global challenges, then the land down under offers you its prestigious Masters In Engineering Program.

You get to learn from the best leading experts in the field while accessing a state-of-the-art facility for an enhanced and personalised learning experience.

If you come from a similar academic background, then pursuing a graduate degree in Engineering from an Australian university will allow you to extend, expand, and impart your technological skills in a diverse and professional ecosystem,

A Master’s degree in Engineering has six specialisations for you: civil, electrical, mechanical, material, and engineering management. Based on your choice, you can explore your spe4iclaisation to excel in your career and land your dream job.

While an MBA trains you to execute any management position with the utmost professionalism, a master’s degree in engineering positions you as a highly-qualified professional who can deliver sustainable engineering solutions.

Here are a few of the career outcomes associated with a Master’s In Engineering

  • Business ANalyst
  • Management Consultant
  • Project Manager
  • Data Analyst
  • Patent Examiner
  • Technology Graduate
  • Supply Chain Graduate

Factors To Consider When Looking For A Master’s Degree

When buying a car, the car salesman gives us a brief walkthrough of everything a car offers. However, despite a thorough description, we tend to have a few expectations from the car we set out to buy. This is because we all want good returns on our investments.

Following a similar pattern, there are certain factors one must consider when selecting a master’s degree. While most of you might think your chosen specialisation is reason enough, we urge you to reconsider.

As crucial as your chosen specialisation is, it needs to be at par with the work environment and overall demographic of the country you are moving to.

In other words, here are a few crucial factors to consider before you select a Master’s degree in Australia

1. Reason, Interest, And Desire

The first and foremost factor to consider is the desire, area of interest, and the reason behind choosing a particular Master’s degree. Australia offers many pathways to success, many requiring a master’s degree for advancement.

However, if your reason, interest, and desire aren’t in equilibrium, you might take longer than usual to start reaping the benefits.

To do all this, you should ask yourself whether your career needs a master’s degree or not. Completing a master’s degree requires commitment and knowing what it accomplishes, personally and professionally.

2. Finances

In scenic and educationally driven Australia, a master’s degree always remains a large financial commitment. The associated tuition costs often take away the time you dedicate to a job causing your income to slow down substantially.

While Australia offers you numerous part-time work opportunities as a student, you still need a strong financial backup to fall back on.

Therefore, asking yourself the following questions can help you assess your current financial situation.

  • Can you afford to take time off work and focus on education?
  • Whether you require a student loan to afford the tuition fees and other charges associated
  • Does your career have feasible job opportunities to help you easily repay the loan?

3. Value

Every educational milestone in your life fills you with a sense of accomplishment. However, when it comes to a master’s degree, you need to review, assess, and understand whether your chosen master’s degree will be valued and to what extent.

While certain professions, such as doctors and nurses, require a master’s degree, Australia can compensate you well if you hold a strong graduate degree.

It is advisable to pursue a master’s degree if your career requires one. But if that isn’t the case, we strongly recommend you reconsider enrolling in a master’s program.

But how do I know whether pursuing a Master’s degree in Australia is valuable? Answers to the following questions may be of great help.

Am I looking to master an area of experience in my study?

Do I see myself pursuing a doctoral degree (PhD) soon?

How will a master’s degree help me with new pathways in my career?

How does a master’s degree help me acquire new skills and strengthen my existing skills?

4. Career-Switch

Often, people tend to have a new-found passion that requires them to switch industries. A career switch isn’t uncommon and completely normal as long as one knows how to proceed.

If you have a new-found passion for something exciting in your life but are unsure of how you can proceed, then a master’s degree is the perfect pathway for a career switch.

A master’s degree refreshes your professional skills by utilising all the skills and knowledge you have acquired. Furthermore, it provides you with all the necessary skills and knowledge to change careers, switch industries, and hit the ground running.

The Bottom Line

Getting a universally accepted Master’s degree from a reputed Australian university puts you ahead of your competition. When you first start a master’s degree in Australia, you quickly realise how the Australian Education System has an added emphasis on providing their students with practical knowledge and hands-on experience in the industry.

As a master’s student in Australia, you’ll be entitled to real-world experiences at every stage of your education. These include internships, workshops, meet-and-greets with seasoned professionals, and other interactions that will only increase your career graph.