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5-High Paying Jobs In Australia That Require A Master’s Degree

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Anurag Gade

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6 min read . Jun 15 2023


From the Great Ocean Road to the Great Barrier Reef, Australia has several excellent sites that make you love its chill vibes. Whether you are strolling the beaches in Melbourne or taking in Sydney’s scenic beauty, Australia doesn’t fall short of providing you with options to explore.

But what does Australia have that has been attracting professionals from across the globe to move and settle in Australia for good? Apart from the country’s rich history and dozens of tourist attractions, Australia has many career opportunities for those willing and interested to join a diverse workforce.

Having moved here in January 2022, I studied Australia’s job market considerably. If you want to boost your career or switch industries for a healthy paycheck, I suggest you put Australia at the top.

As dynamic as Australia's job market is, numerous high-paying careers require a master's degree for entry or advancement. So, if you are planning to move to Australia for studies, here are the top-paying professions requiring a master's degree.

The Perks Of Pursuing A Master’s Degree In Australia

Australia has one of the finest educational institutions that offer a variety of specialized programs that can vastly accelerate your professional career and carve your path to success. From the University Of Melbourne to the University of Western Australia, each state holds some of the most renowned educational institutes in the world.

Pursuing a master’s degree entitles you to the following perks

  • Postgraduate Work Visa
  • Highest-Paying Jobs in your relevant field of study
  • The premium level of postgraduate education
  • International professional network
  • Diversity
  • Real-World Experience And Exposure
  • Hands-On Learning Experiences
  • Dual-Certification Options (Depends On Course And University)

High-Paying Jobs In Australia That Require A Master’s Degree

Whether fresh out of college or looking to switch industries, you need to know the place that provides the fattest pay cheque. Rather than exploring uncharted waters, learning where to stick your feet helps cash in the highest salary packages.

Australia has a plethora of opportunities; each well-compensated for the right candidate. However, most of these jobs require a master's degree for advancement. To make it easier for you to choose, here are the top 5 high-paying in Australia that require a master’s degree

1. Architectural Manager

When you first land in Australia, what gets your eyes are the skyscrapers and the magnificent pieces of architecture throughout the whole country. If you are an architect or pursuing a master's degree in architecture, this is a golden opportunity.

One of the most in-demand and high-paying jobs you’ll have as an architecture post-graduate is as an architectural manager. As an architectural manager, you’ll ensure that each architectural plan is sound and in sync with the city or area’s environmental standards.

Furthermore, you must oversee the design and supervise the entire project to keep track of your progress and ensure the project is on its way. To work as an architectural manager in Australia, you need a Master’s Degree In Engineering Management.

2. Medical Practitioners (Multiple Roles)

Backed by rapid advancement in technology, medicine has seen considerable improvement. This has paved the way for various opportunities to be available in the field of medicine. The area of medicine is widely respected throughout Australia and is well-compensated.

As competitive as these roles are, some of the highest-paying medical practitioners include positions such as cardiologists, orthopaedic specialists, paediatricians, dieticians, and so on. The bottom line is that there are endless medical practitioner specialization avenues.

What you choose to specialize in will likely align with your demographic and your interest in the demographic you’ll most likely help. To work as a medical practitioner in Australia, you need to hold an

  • Accredited Degree In Medicine From A University
  • Work Experience As An Intern For Upto 1 Year(s)
  • Complete medical registration as issued by the Medical Board Of Australia
  • Two or more years of prevocational training
  • Fellowship obtained through a speciality training program

3. Judicial (Legal)

Judicial, or legal professionals, is a broader term that covers an array of specializations and jobs within the legal sector. From judges to lawyers specializing in injury, bankruptcy, immigration, crime, family, and civil to paralegals and administrative assistants, the judicial network comprises many opportunities for legal experts.

Pursuing a law degree is always a hands-on experience that allows you to specialize in any area of work you are interested in or want to be involved in to bring about changes to the local, state, or national level of legislation.

Not only that, but legal professionals can also explore opportunities for work at courts, tribunals, and royal commissions. To work in the judiciary as a legal professional, you need

  • A postgraduate law degree
  • Practical Legal Training For A Year
  • Admission Into Relevant State/Territory Admissions Authority within five years post-graduation
  • A law Practicing Certificate issued by the Local Law Society
  • Supervised Practice At a law firm for at least two years

4. Financial Manager

A financial manager is one of the critical pieces of every firm’s financial department. As a financial manager, you manage and carefully distribute the company’s financial resources.

You are an active part of the company’s overall budget planning, and your insights and financial advice help the executive management make the right, practical, and intelligent decisions at every step.

Furthermore, you need to thoroughly analyse the company’s finances occasionally and closely monitor the organisation’s financial health. Therefore, working as a financial manager demands you control the organisation’s financial operations, such as

  • Utilising the company’s funds
  • Procuring Funds for the company
  • Payment
  • Accounting, and
  • Risk Assessment and Management

As a financial manager, you can implement your skills in various organisations such as banks, charities, MNCs, SMEs, etc. In Australia, working as a financial manager requires that you hold a Master's Of Science In Finance while simultaneously maintaining a relevant bachelor's in the same field.

5. Data Scientist

The 21st century has been the golden age, particularly in science and technology. The rapid advancements made in the field of technology have boosted almost every sector that we come across.

Valuing the same, Australia is always on the lookout for qualified data scientists. Everything we come across today is driven by Big Data and integrated IT systems throughout a business.

Working as a data scientist involves researching and analysing trends and patterns daily to gain insight into the datasets that will help your organisation penetrate and hold down a highly competitive market.

This will require you to create and develop relevant algorithms and data models that will help accurately analyse the data and forecast the outcome.

You need a Master’s Degree in Computer Science to be qualified to work as a Data Scientist in Australia.

Additional High-Paying Jobs That Require A Master's Degree

We’ve walked you through the top-5 high-paying jobs in Australia that require a master’s degree for advancement. However, there is a chance your current specialisations or previous degree may not align with the assignments mentioned above.

But that is no cause for concern as there still are jobs that bless you with a healthy pay cheque and are likely to be at par with your skillset and field of education.

Here are a few more jobs that require a master’s degree.


Title/Job Department



Medical Practitioner

Masters Of Science In Nursing

Health Manager


Master’s Of Science In Healthcare Management

Business Operations Manager


Masters Of Business Administration (MBA)

Digital Marketing Manager


Masters In Marketing Communications


Medical Practitioner

Masters Of Medicine/Surgery

Engineering Manager


Masters In Engineering Management

The Bottom Line

Take it from someone at ground zero now; Australia offers several well-compensated jobs to those who genuinely deserve them. Similar to the rest of the world, Australia, too, has a highly dynamic market meaning that the demands for certain professions fluctuate occasionally.

Therefore, if you plan to move abroad to Australia to pursue a master’s degree or job, study the Australian job market in detail.

Knowing how your selected profession fares in the land down under is crucial to ensure that you have a high, healthy, and steady paycheck followed by equal opportunities for growth. With the right postgraduate degree, you give yourself a quality education and heighten your chances of getting your dream job.