Thinking Of Australia For Your MBA?  Here Are The Top 4 Universities For An MBA Down Under - by Anurag Gade - CollectLo

Thinking Of Australia For Your MBA? Here Are The Top 4 Universities For An MBA Down Under

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Anurag Gade

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6 min read . Jun 15 2023


With education advancing rapidly, so are its associated options. Every business aspirant wishes to get their MBA at a certain stage in life. For an MBA, equips with the necessary set of skills. Followed by the utmost professionalism required to work, manage, and run the corporate world effectively. 

The corporate world requires the utmost professionalism, and this is where an MBA in Australia can work wonders for you. Several Australian universities rank amongst the world’s best, offering state-of-the-art MBA Programs. 

But what makes Australian universities a must-have on your MBA radar? How does Australia’s MBA landscape contribute to your dream of becoming the best at what you do? And which Australian university should you opt for? 

We’ll answer all these questions for you and give you a complete walkthrough of the top 5 universities in Australia with the first MBA programs.

Why Should I Chose Australia For My MBA?

The onset of technological advancements has completely changed education as we know it. And by change, we refer to the requirements in the workplace. As the field of education gets more dynamic, so do the associated requirements, demands, and returns. 

Time stops for no one, and it is a luxury for management professionals. Training and probations are rarely a part of modern-day job requirements. For recruiters ranging from MNCs to startups now seek the ones who can hit the ground running.

For this, an MBA is the perfect head-start. And when you are spending your hard-earned money, you deserve the best returns on your investment. Australia’s widely recognized and carefully curated MBA programs come in here. 

Australia offers you the option to pursue a full-time MBA and achieve your certification within a year, whereas the part-time MBA option will get you there in 2 years. As of 2023, over 14 Australian Universities are a part of QS Global’s MBA Rankings.

Based on your needs, requirements, specifications, and prior qualifications, Australian universities offer relevant and well-designed MBA courses that are in sync and optimized per the current industry requirements. 

What Do I Need To Get Myself Into An MBA Program?

To be the best, you need to learn from the best. And do so, you must fulfill a few key prerequisites before pursuing an MBA in Australia. While the eligibility criteria differ from program to program and university to university,  the base prerequisites must be considered for selection.

Here’s everything you need to fulfill the eligibility criteria 

  • Undergraduate Degree in a relevant field/subject 
  • An average of 65% throughout your undergrad
  • Updated CV/Resume
  • A minimum of two reference letters from your professor and employer
  • GRE/GMAT Scores (Depends On The University You Are Applying To)
  • English Proficiency Test Scores (IELTS/TOEFL/PTE)
  • Work Experience

Everything mentioned above is the prevalent criteria for some of the top MBA schools in Australia. Note that each school can have different criteria in place. While some schools tend to waive a few criteria off the list, some might ask you to provide extra documentation relevant to your course of study.  

Information about the same can be availed on the university’s respective website. 

Top MBA Universities To Choose From In Australia

From industry-grade MBA programs to established schools, Australia leaves nothing to the chance when it comes to equipping management and business aspirants with the right set of skills followed by the attitude required to implement those skills. 

The majority of these Australian universities have been on every student’s radar for years making them the perfect choice for anyone looking to pursue their MBA. Thus, to better help you decide what suits you best, we’ve compiled a list of the top 4 universities in Australia that offer a state-of-the-art MBA program. 

1. Melbourne Business School, University Of Melbourne

When I first arrived onshore for my MBA, I was baffled to see every second person wearing a “Uni Melb” jumper. As I dug deeper, my interactions with my peers convinced me that the Melbourne Business School is one of Australia’s finest and top business schools worldwide. 

Having lived here for over a year, I can assure you that the one thing Melbourne has in abundance is excitement. Taking a page out of Melbourne’s playbook, the University Of Melbourne compiles this excitement to equip its business students with vast knowledge followed by real-life exposure at every step. 

The MBA program offered by the Melbourne Business School ranks as the best in Australia, as per a survey conducted by the Economist. At the University Of Melbourne, you get a blend of hand-crafted and well-designed 2-year MBA part-time programs, full-time MBA programs, online MBA programs, executive MBA, and a senior executive MBA program. 

Want to know which program suits you best? Click on the link below to visit the school’s official website. 

Study MBA At The Melbourne Business School

2. Macquarie Graduate School Of Management (MGSM)

With over 20,000 staff in over 34 different staff markets, the Macquarie Group is the largest asset manager in the world. The Australian finance giant is the top-ranked merger and acquisition adviser in Australia. And the Macqurie Graduate School Of Management currently offers the country’s third best MBA program that ranks 82 on the global index. 

Backed by a strong theory, the MGSM offers real-life experiences in a global management setting followed by a range of exchange programs and internships. At MGSM, you get much-needed flexibility as far as your studies are concerned. And by flexibility, we mean that you can set your own pace to your course by choosing to complete it in either two or four years. 

Furthermore, the university has multiple workshops that take place at regular intervals, helping students build their resumes, highlight their portfolios, launch their careers, and gain suitable employment through a mix of internships and projects. 

Considering MGSM as your MBA destination? A visit to the university’s website will help you fixate 

Study MBA At Macquarie University

3. University Of New South Wales (UNSW)

The Australian Global School Of Management (AGSM), a part of the UNSW, was ranked Australia’s number 1 MBA program by the Financial Times in 2021. Headquartered in the Australian financial capital of Sydney, the AGSM sits at the heart of Australia’s start-up scene. If all this isn’t reason enough for you to consider the UNSW, we don’t know what is.

Ranked 44 in the world, UNSW is a STEM powerhouse. Furthermore, it is also home to most founders and Fortune 500 company CEOs. At the AGSM, you can pursue your MBA in several fields. For example, those interested in the world of technology can get their MBA done with a specialization in technology and digital innovation.

The AGSM offers a wide range of MBA programs, from online to full-time. To know which will accelerate your career, visit the university’s official website.

Study MBA At The Australian Global School Of Management

4. Monash Business School

Reporting to you directly from ground zero, Monash is one of Australia's most prestigious educational institutes. Monash University stands as the most reputed college in the land down under. From law to tech, Monash brings you only the best. But what the university is primarily known for are its MBA programs. 

The Monash Business School offers one of the finest MBA programs in Australia. What makes their MBA program worth your time and effort is the experience-based module, consulting projects, internship options, and overseas learning experiences followed by engagement opportunities.

The Monash Business School, too, is located in Melbourne, a city known primarily for its fine education institutes. At Monash Business School, you get a 2-year on-campus MBA program.

MBA at Monash is driven by equipping their students to solve next-gen problems, prepping them with industry-driven management practices followed by global orientation, leadership skills, personality development, and more. 

Currently, the Monash Business School offers three distinct types of MBA programs. To know which program suits you best, visit the company’s website.

The Monash MBA: Monash Business School 

The Bottom Line

Thanks to our government’s continued progressive efforts towards bilateral ties, the India-Australia relations have never been better. From eased migration policies to enhanced assistance for International students, Australia is where you want to be if you plan to pursue an MBA.

An MBA allows you to unlock your inner potential leading you to your highest-ever dreamt salary. However, before you reach all this, it is advisable to weigh your options in terms of specialising carefully. While a lucrative salary package is the highlight of an MBA degree, it requires you to undertake an MBA in a promising field. 

Rest assured, if your specialisations are mapped out carefully, you will gain valuable skills that can be applied anytime, anywhere, without requiring prior experience.