All about Aloevera that you didnot know yet. - by Israth Nazneen B  - CollectLo

All about Aloevera that you didnot know yet.

Israth Nazneen B  - CollectLo

Israth Nazneen B

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2 min read . Jul 17 2023


I am sure that you will be in awe with aloevera when you know all its hidden benefits and secrets.

The name 'Aloevera' is originated from Arabian deserts hence it got its name 'Alloeh' meaning 'shining bitter substance '. Our ancestors regarded aloevera as a plant of immortality; surprising isn't it? There is still a lot more to discover about aloevera, so lets get into the article.

Benefits of aloevera

Aloevera is rich in antioxidants and also has antibacterial properties thus helping to treat infections like bacterial infections like dengue, skin allergies, etc.

Aloevera is also used in wound healing because of its antiviral and antiseptic properties. This also helps in lightening the scars caused from chicken pox, pimples, wounds ,etc. Now you know why your grandma would insist to apply aloevera gel when you had your first pimple.

Aloevera can also treat burns especially sunburns. A recent article ' Twenty years of research on aloevera ' published in the Journal of pharmacy of Istanbul University. January 2015- cited that aloevera has been used as skin protectant since centuries.

Aloevera juice also helps in preventing dental plaque. According to Ethiopian journal of health science, a pure aloevera juice when used as mouth rinse is capable of reducing dental plaques and its effect is remarkable compared to conventional methods. It is also capable of healing mouth ulcers and pain associated with it.

It doesn't stop here, aloevera also comes as a saviour to treat constipation. The yellow sticky latex of aloevera is used for this purpose. It also helps in antiaging where it prevents wrinkles.

How to prepare aloevera gel naturally?

  1. Take a fresh aloevera leaf and wash it cleanly.
  2. Using a knife or spoon scoop the gel like substance from the leaf.
  3. Now either using blender or mixer blend the gel to hget smooth consistency.
  4. Next we can squeeze out the smooth gel with the help of a sieve to obtain a refined gel.

yes, the natural homemade aloevera gel is ready with just four steps. Now how do we store this? It's very simple. Just pour this gel into a clean storage container and place it in the refrigerator and it will last upto 7 days if maintained properly.

How to prepare tasty aloevera recipes?

Though aloevera is tasty it is difficult to consume it raw. So inorder to make it tasty and gain all its benefits we can add aloever ato fruit juices or smoothies.

  1. Aloevera - ginger tea

Add one spoon of ginger (grated) and one spoon of aloevera gel to a boiling water. After the gel dissolves well now turnoff the stove and let the drink become warm and consume it as your evening tea.

    2. Aloevera - lemon juice

Add one spoon of aloevera gel to lemon juice and boil this mixture until aloevera dissolves . You can allow this combo to cool and have it as a your morning drink.

  3. Aloevera - buttermilk

Add half glass buttermilk, a handful of curry leaves, two table spoons of aloevera gel and a pinch of ginger and salt and grind this mixture. A healthy buttermilk is ready which can beat the summer heat. This combo also promotes hair growth.

I am sure now you will cherish aloevera , the hidden gem,  that our ancestors used to grow in their backyards for centuries.

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