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Understanding Interpersonal Communication

Shreya  - CollectLo


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3 min read . Nov 01 2023


The daily life conversion, engaging in exchange of words, emotions and talks with different people - family members, friends, colleagues, or people we never really knew. However, have you taken a pause and wondered how meaningful, deep and beautiful these exchanges are? 

The basic idea of having these regular conversations in human life is to have a decent communication and interpersonal communication with people, which plays an important role in forming our relationships. 

However, do you realize the importance of this concept and what are its implications for our personal and professional lives?

What is Interpersonal Communication?

The process of exchanging information, feelings, words and interaction between two or a group of people,  is considered as Interpersonal communication. It could be exchanged in verbal and non verbal ways, as it is the form of communication which is beyond the mere exchange of words. 

The form of communication also has body gestures, facial expressions, tone of voice, and other subtle cues, which helps to add in the communication.

Various Aspects of Interpersonal Communication

Verbal Communication

Exchanging ideas, feelings, and thoughts to someone is often considered as verbal communication, with the use of written or spoken words. 

It communicates both the message’s content and its delivery method. Pitch, tone, and emphasis are what makes this verbal communication impactful and meaningful.

Non-Verbal Communication

Transferred through body language, gesture, tone and signs, non-verbal communication is important in interpersonal communication. 

Besides body language, one can fulfill their communication, using facial expressions, postures, gestures, eye contact, and other body cues.

Listening Skills

For a positive and impactful communication, listening plays a very important role, as it is actively comprehending and acting upon the message delivered by the person in a two-way communication.  

In addition to merely paying attention to what is being stated, listening actively builts a kind of empathy, proper responses, and complete attention. 

Feedback and Response

Besides communicating and listening, another major component of good communication is feedback and response strategies. 

How is Interpersonal Communication Important?

Building and Nurturing Relationships

Interpersonal communication holds a significant role in lives, as it is what helps to build strong and meaningful relationships. Having interpersonal communication helps to form trust, empathy, and understanding, which are said to be the foundation for emotional intimacy,  fostering mutual understanding and support.

Developing Professional Collaboration

With an effective communication aspect, one can not only work on their personal growth, but also enhance their communication in professionalism, usually business. It facilitates effective collaboration, offering a transparent, communication-based positive work environment, fostering cohesiveness among team members. 

Resolution of Conflicts

When you are actively involved in interpersonal communication, it is crucial to maintain an agree to disagree attitude, and resolving conflicts. Interpersonal communication has a crucial role in conflict resolution, as it encourages honest and open dialogue and enables conflicting parties to express grievances. With this attitude, one can understand each other’s perspectives better with an aim of working better towards resolving issues.


Interpersonal communication is not limited to just exchanging words and information, it holds an importance in people’s lives, aiming development of personal and professional growth. Established as a foundation of human interaction, it gives scope of understanding, builds a better relationship and harnesses its potential for better relationships. We can establish meaningful connections, and create an atmosphere of harmony with individual’s personal and professional growth.