5 Tips to Handle Conflicts at Workplace
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5 Tips to Handle Conflicts at Workplace

sindhu sharma - CollectLo

sindhu sharma

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2 min read . Oct 09 2023


In the current era of globalization, organizations hire employees from diverse geographical locations with dissimilar cultural and intellectual backgrounds, and varied viewpoints. Disagreements are bound to happen in an environment with people having different outlooks toward the same situations/problems. When it is about workplace conflicts, they result in a massive degree of discomfort, frustration, sadness, and even anger. 

Many people get tense, awkward, or worse while addressing conflict, but you need to know that resolving the same is going to be worth it in the long run. If you know how to handle workplace conflict well, it will benefit your employees, your organization, and your professional growth. 

Whether you’re trying to mediate between your colleagues or are directly involved, here are a few tips that will help you handle workplace conflict. 

Don’t put it off. Deal with it

I understand that facing a difficult situation head-on is hard. However, if you take longer to address a difficult situation like conflict, it may prove to be more negative. Play the hard game and address the conflict ASAP - trust me, you’ll feel glad you did. So, develop a culture that pushes people around you to take responsibility and hold difficult conversations. 

Determine the type of conflict 

Once you are ready to address the conflict, start by determining the cause of workplace conflict, followed by understanding if it is because of a specific task, value, or relationship. If you are clear about the type of conflict, you will find it easier to deal with the same. If you skip this step, you will end up wasting your time and efforts on addressing irrelevant issues that have nothing to do with the real cause of the conflict. 

Find a common ground between people engaged in the conflict

One of the best ways to handle workplace conflict is by settling at a common ground. You may either help the people involved in the conflict come to terms with a common ground or, if you are directly involved, you must slow down and focus on the results, instead of thinking about who is right. 

Agree on the best solution 

Once the people in conflict land at a common ground, determine the responsibilities of each party involved in resolving the same. Once you make both parties agree on a solution, make them realize the root cause of the conflict and ensure that it won’t happen again. 

Keep an eye on the issue

Here’s a tip for you - Never assume that the issue is resolved and will never bounce back. So, keep an eye on what happened and see if the solution is working well. And if the issue resurfaces, don’t take time to take necessary actions. 

Additionally, decide on the preventive measures for the future. Look for the lessons you learned from the conflict and how you handled the same. 

Conflict is part of our routine lives. You can disagree with anyone but there are resolution steps you can embrace to ensure that the issue is manageable. Managing and resolving conflict at work is integral to meeting organizational goals. So, if you have any problems or there are disagreements between people, look for the ideal ways to manage this situation.