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This is How AI is Transforming Digital Marketing

sindhu sharma - CollectLo

sindhu sharma

Content Writer

3 min read . Oct 17 2023


Do you think of Siri, Alexa, or self-driving cars when it comes to AI (Artificial Intelligence)? Well, they are attention-grabbing and exciting. However, when we get real about AI, it is thousands of apps and tools running quietly, making our liver easy by making predictions or automating tasks for us. 

This is true for almost every business and industry, especially in marketing - where leveraging AI to put services and products in front of potential clients is a standard for quite some time. 

So, the question here is how AI is transforming the world of digital marketing. 

That is what this article is all about. Here, we will talk about the aspects of digital marketing that are drastically evolving with the help of AI. 

Effective Targeted Marketing  

Marketing is one of the biggest expenses for any business and the high-level use of AI in marketing helps improve ROI by making the process of marketing more efficient. In the old times, businesses didn't have any choice but to pay huge amounts of money for TV, radio, and newspaper ads to reach out to people and turn them into customers. 

In today’s online age, businesses can learn about who is and who is not interested in the products and services they offer. Machine learning technology helps businesses by feeding them with data on customers and their buying habits. This helps businesses reach out to target customers. 

Finding Micro-Influencers 

One of the huge trends in marketing right now is influencers. AI algorithms are already making sure that the personalities that are most likely to appeal to you are appearing in social feeds and search results. 

In addition to this, advertisers will also use AI to find small influencers that can gel with their brand and audiences. This led to the emergence of micro-influencers. AI helps find such micro-influencers with the right audience. In simpler terms, AI helps establish when it makes sense to pay $100 to 10 people each to talk about their product or service offerings, rather than pay $100,000 to a Kardashian or Selena Gomez. 

Once again, AI is creating efficiency here by following the data and not doing what a typical marketer thinks of as the best plan. 

AI in Content Marketing 

The rise of social media and the growing demand for online content has made content marketing one of the most dominant forms of marketing. AI here helps marketers understand what type of content the potential customers are interested in while establishing the most effective ways to distribute the same. 

Going a step further, AI takes care of the entire content generation process by creating images and copies that are most likely to be well-received by the audience. 

AI-Driven CRM

An essential process for any marketer to master is customer relationship management. This is because an existing customer is one of the most important sources of a company’s revenue. Here, AI reduces the risk of customer ‘churn’ by identifying the patterns that are likely to lead them to head somewhere. 

AI helps marketers target customers with personalized offers to restore their loyalty. AI is also helping businesses and marketers minimize the rate of dissatisfaction by being available for customers as and when they need help. 

AI also helps forecast sales across the market in which a company operates, resulting in efficient distribution of resources and stock. 

The Future of a Digital Marketer

Since AI is transforming the digital world, people are concerned that it will take on their jobs too. Well, if you are a digital marketer or work in the digital marketing industry and have the same thoughts, you’ll be forgiven for thinking so. This is because AI will end up multiplying jobs rather than destroying them. It will only help you focus on strategic and creative tasks while handling the technical ones.