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Google Announced New Rules for Bulk Email Senders

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It's time to thrive in the world of email marketing!

Google is all set to make inboxes more secure while reducing spam emails and has announced new & updated requirements for bulk email senders. The announced policies will be in effect from February 2024 and are for organizations & companies that send a high volume of emails. 

The announced requirements revolve around email authentication, on-the-go unsubscription from email lists, and reduction of overall spam rates. 

Here’s what you, as an email marketer or a business/company, need to know about the recently announced changes by Google:

From February 2024, marketers or companies/organizations sending over 5,000 emails per day have to follow the following practices:

Email Authentication: Authenticate your email using established protocols like DKIM, DMARC, or SPF. 

Easy unsubscription: Provide the email recipients with a one-click unsubscription option and process the request within two days. 

Wanted email: Spam rate must stay below the set spam rate threshold. 

Google believes these measures will help maintain basic email hygiene, and many reputable senders already follow the same. It is also ready to guide those needing assistance.

Here are a few tips that can help you stay compliant with the new requirements:

Maintain a clean email list

Use a reputable email service provider

Personalize emails

Segment list for the targeted emails

While the announced changes may not solve every email issue that surfaces, they may, however, reduce spam and abuse rates. Additionally, the requirements follow open Internet standards - Extending benefits to different email providers. 

If you are an email marketer or are a business/company that sends bulk emails, then it is time for you to brush up your skills and adhere to the announced practices. 

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