5 current content marketing trends for your business  - by Wilvia Dsouza  - CollectLo

5 current content marketing trends for your business

Wilvia Dsouza  - CollectLo

Wilvia Dsouza

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2 min read . Mar 25


Spending a great fortune on marketing strategy, trying to win the digital game, yet can't get through those walls, makes you believe that your business isn't booming. Every business has a strategy that will work with proper planning and initiation. Consistency is the key and if you leave the gap you might lose some of your most potential prospects.

Here are some content writing or content marketing trends that people are exploring:

1. AI-Driven Content: Most businesses, content marketers, and individuals leverage AI tools for content creation. Google discourages AI-generated content, which uplifts the need for personalized content that ranks organically. There are ChatGPT and AI platforms that can help you write SEO-optimized content. Most of the time, the search engine won't crawl the content that has the highest AI content, which can deplete your business value and persona.

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2. Video content: There is major hype with videos like reels, shorts, and TikTok in the business world now. With the right social media video content plan you can use platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and Meta to enhance your business goals. These short clips can help you go viral, increasing the audience engagement.

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3. Influencer Marketing: There are many influencers now to market your product and service in the creators' economy. Your brands can connect with the online creators' community to produce short-form and long-form content. Many influencers use social media to go social with your business niche to sell or increase your brand awareness. Video content like product reviews, case studies, testimonials, reviews, or ads can bring massive traffic to your business.

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4. Personalization and Voice Search: You can focus on personalized content optimized for voice search. For this, researching user intent is crucial. As many people are using voice search to get their information, your content must be created according to that particular tone.

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5. Long-Form and In-Depth Writing: Creating valuable content with proper research and a long-form structure will increase user engagement. This way you can enhance the conversion rate by giving your audience complete content. By integrating  SEO strategies like keyword research, meta title and description, slug structure, formatting (H1, H₂…), and more can help you rank organically in SERP.

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6. Content Localization: You can create content adapted to your local language. Providing your target audience with relevance and resonance will help you expand quickly. You can use local SEO to create your brand awareness in your locality with keywords like general store near me, grocery shop near me, etc.

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Living up to these content trends and enhancing your content marketing strategy will help you create a better content landscape. Nothing is perfect, but to make excellent content for your business with SEO strategy, get in touch.