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Why IND VS PAK is the Epitome of Sports

Abhinav Kaushik  - CollectLo

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Ever wonder why India vs Pakistan is the epitome of sports rivalry and that too in cricket only and not other sports.

Even when these two play other sports such as Kabaddi, Football, or Hockey; people do not seem to care much. Well there are 3 reason -

  • History of these 2 nations
  • Love for this sport
  • Number game

History of these 2 nations

We all know after the partition in 1947, love has not been lost between these 3 beautiful nation. More than the people, politicians seem to have an intense love for their counterpart. 

Well joke apart, there is always some tension between India and Pakistan, and with time it has only grown. India's recent success in the science and technology field and economic growth and vice versa for Pakistan has only increased the tension between them.

But, they have no outlet to release this tension. Apart from Pakistan's effort to harm India from time to time (even when they can't even afford food), things have been relatively quiet for some time.

Love for this sport

So, whenever these 2 nations play against each other on the cricket field, it feels like gladiators from each nation are coming into the arena to fight for the nation's glory. This exact point makes these matches a must watch.

Plus the love for cricket in both nations is second to none. Cricket is like a religion and India vs Pakistan is Diwali. Both of them want to be louder and brighter than the opponent, and the people just love watching the sky turn bright.

Number game

Even though Indian is 7-0 in the World Cup, but media loves to hype it up for a very simple reason. Number game - the number of people who turn up to watch these games and anything minutely related to the game is out of this world. 

And every media house loves to generate more money from advertising and sponsorships. And that's the exact reason i am writing this article.

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Abhinav Kaushik

Abhinav Kaushik

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