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Youtube is Winning

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YouTube vs Bollywood, what kind of comparison is this, because is the ultimate place for entertainment and opportunities.

This is absolutely true, if we look at revenue generation capabilities then -.

An average Bollywood movie can earn from Rs 100 - Rs 1,000, some can earn even more. When we talk about YouTube, if we have even the best channel which has 10 million subscribers and gets 10 million per video on average, the revenue it will generate will be around 76 lakh a year. Here’s how -  In India, for every 1,000 views created get $1, so for 1lakh it will be $100, for 1mn it is $1,000 and for 10 it is $10,000. So, if the creator is posting 4 videos a month, which makes it 48 videos a year, and if we apply all the above calculations here, the creator will earn around $4,80,000 (around 3.8 – 4cr in Indian Rupees).

Now, let’s talk about the overall revenue generation capability of both. In 2022, YouTube's creative ecosystem has contributed only Rs 16,000 crore to India's GDP while Bollywood has contributed only Rs 15,000 crore.

Now if we talk about the audience then, in 2022, 122mn people watched movies in theaters, but the total YouTube users in India in 2022 was 574mn, which in 2028 will be around 800mn

But if we talk about job creation, YouTube generated 7,50,000 jobs in India in 2022 and Bollywood generated more than 40 lakh jobs.

Things are getting a bit tricky right, so let’s take a look on micro things-


Let's talk about content, if you want to watch a movie in a theater and you don't like it in between then you can't change it, you either watch the whole movie and waste your time or leave in between and waste your money. But in the case of YouTube, you can skip, leave it in between, and watch any other video, of any genre, no separate ticket is charged.

Ease of Entry

Now it takes a lot of money to make even one movie, if you are an actor you have to train for years, go to Mumbai, and hope that maybe you crack an audition or get a job.

But even a boy living in a village can make good content on YouTube earn money, can become famous.

take a recent example, Ankit Baianpuriya, who was doing 75 hard challenges, so far got 6 million+ followers on Instagram and 2 million subscribers+ on YouTube in 75 days.

Brand Deals

Today many big brands are coming to promote their brands through YouTubers or social media creators, instead of going to big Bollywood celebrities.

The reason is, while promoting a product company wants as many eyes on their product as possible, and they can do this with less budget with YouTubers now.

Conclusion – So, in a nutshell in terms of user base and the impact on the lives and income generation on common people, YouTube is winning.

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