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Why Should We Stop Tabooing Sex Before Marriage?

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Stop tabooing sex before marriage. Yes, you read it right! This is the one thing you must stop doing right away!

Intimacy surely holds importance in everyone’s life. Moreover, having sexual feelings for someone or having sex with someone you have a romantic relationship is inevitable. Sex, as we all can agree is something more emotional for women than for men. Now it cannot be completely agreed that only women are emotional because some men could be seen as being more emotional than women. It just depends on the nature, upbringing, and surroundings of a person.

Now, given women are more sentimental than men, sex is way more complicated and holds a profound meaning for the former. Nevertheless, loving sex or being in love with the idea of having sex does not in any manner point towards a woman being sinful. Not only women, but some men also hold a misconception about sex being a shameful act or immoral if performed before marriage.

SEX IS NOT A VILLAIN, YOU GUYS! Sex does not automatically turn into a hero after marriage. It is just a process that happens when two people are together in that very intimate moment. There is no timeline or age guideline for you to follow for having sex. Hitting puberty is surely needed, though!

Having safe sex is crucial apparently, but that does not make sex bad or wicked in any sense. Unprotected safe invites complications for both men and women. It is not healthy to have unprotected sex but that does not mean that one must not have sex before marriage at all.

As per the nature, habits, and thinking process of a person, it depends completely on that person, whether to have sex before marriage or not. Society clearly taboos sex before marriage, but your hormones are your hormones, not society’s! There are a lot of things that society does not and will not understand and approve of ever, and this directly indicates that we boycott following society blindly.

Choosing what you want to do or feel like doing should never be someone else’s choice. IT. MUST. ALWAYS. BE. YOUR. CHOICE! So, let’s dive into the ocean of reality and find out the pearls of why should we stop tabooing sex before marriage.

Pearl Number One

We are just humans!

So, the thing is, we are just humans! Simply saying- we all are humans and we are a tank full of feelings and hormones. If we don’t do what our hormones are telling us to do, our bodies might get into trouble. Just to make it clear one more time- SEX IS NEITHER SINFUL NOR SHAMEFUL! So, if you feel like having sex with someone, just go for it (I mean, protected sex). Do not let any orthodox myth stop you from doing what you want to do.

Pearl Number Two

It is your body!

Society is visibly divided into two segments- people who consider sex bad or sinful and people who consider sex as normal as anything else. Let me tell you one thing, having sex before marriage does not make a person bad at all. You can be as civil as someone who follows every rule of society and still have sex. The fact that you love having sex does not lower your values or principles in life. It is your body and you have a complete right to use it any way you fancy. You can be spiritual and still have sex. You can be a social animal and still have sex. It is over you how you want to use and satisfy your body. You can be anything by your heart and mind and still have sex by body. How difficult it can be to understand?

Pearl Number Three

You do not disrespect anyone!

We are told while growing up by our family members, our parents, and other people residing in society that having sex before marriage is disrespectful towards the older and the elder ones. But there is no such thing as disrespecting anyone when you have sex. How come you doing anything with your body willingly be disrespectful towards others? It is just a mind game. Your mind thinks and your heart believes whatever you make them think and believe. So, when you make your mind think and your heart believe that making your body feel what it needs to feel, you are not disrespecting anyone, YOU DO NOT DISRESPECT ANYONE! You can respect everyone and still have sex, remember this always. Having sex has nothing to do with disrespecting anyone in any manner.

Pearl Number Four

No shame attached!

Whenever you do something that calms your mind, soothes your heart, and satisfies your body, you do nothing shameful. And, sex is one of those things. Sex is just another item on that “do more of what you love” list. If sex is what you like, just do it. There is no and can never be any shame attached to having sex before marriage. Sex is a natural and beautiful process and humans are designed to love it. You can never become a shameful person by loving or liking sex.

So, want to have sex, have it! Do not want to have sex, do not have it! Having sex or not having it at all before marriage is your choice. Do not allow anyone’s views to affect your views about your feelings, hormones, willingness, and body. Sex is not a taboo, trust me.

NOTE: I do not in any manner intend to encourage forceful sex through my words. Getting consent before touching anyone, whether it’s a man or a woman is mandatory.

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